Practical Shooting Corner PSC– Founder Mr. Joe Cheung is a two time Hong Kong IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation) open champion and former IPSC Hong Kong team member . He has participated in many world class competitions and was anticipated in a number of Hong Kong action films (Double Tap, First Option, Hit Team, Option Zero… etc) as a producer and armorer.
With the aim to promote their passion of practice shooting as a sport, Joe and his colleagues formed Practical Shooting Corner in July 2018.
Our goal is to instill in others the proper use of firearms through airsoft. Through our facility, people may stick to their own pace to develop their interest and stick to airsoft or graduate to learning live firearms.
By learning the proper attitude and techniques, one can develop or enhance their patience, focus, discipline, resilience, and team spirit. Training and competition will only further these abilities with instilled confidence. Not to mention, practical shooting with airsoft can be a great family activity as well.