Admission Price

Regular session:  $32 per person
            Safety and handling video for first time shooters
            45 min shooting fun
*limit of 10 people per session
Trial Package: $50 per person, includes:
Beginner’s safety & handgun handling lesson
Airsoft gun rental  + BBs + Green Gas
30-45 min shooting fun

Private Sessions

For those who like to:
                  practise privately
                  play within own group of friends
                  arrange their own competition
1-hour private session (up to 8 people): $280
2-hour private session (up to 16 people): $560

Prepaid Card

Standard-  5 sessions : $135
Silver-  10 sessions: $260
Gold-  25 sessions: $565
Diamond-  45 sessions + BONUS (value of $250) 1-hour private session [up to 10 people]: $1110

Purchasing our Silver, Gold or Diamond Prepaid Cards will enroll you into our referral program.
Every purchase of a Prepaid Card by your referral will entitle you to the following number of FREE 1-hour session(s):
Silver: (1)
Gold: (2)
Diamond: (4)

Rental Gears

You are welcome to bring your own gears.  If you need rental gears, we offer the following:
Eye protection: FREE
Airsoft gun: $12
Timer Plate: $12
Holster: $7

Consumable Items

0.2G BB (2000CT Bottle): $13.50
VFC V Gas: $19.50
BB loader: $9
All prices included 13% HST