Admission Price

Regular session:  $32 per person
            Safety and handling video for first time shooters
            45 min shooting fun
            Gears not included
*limit of 10 people per session
Airsoft IPSC Handgun Experience: $118 per person
Learn to shoot Airsoft IPSC includes:
Professional training on how to handle an Airsoft Gun, amining and target shooting
45 minutes shooting time and shooting game
All instructors are active real steel IPSC competitors
Whole experience around 60 minutes

Private Sessions

For those who like to:
                  practise privately
                  play within own group of friends
                  arrange their own competition
1-hour private session (up to 8 people): $280
2-hour private session (up to 16 people): $560

Prepaid Card

Standard-  5 sessions : $135
Silver-  10 sessions: $260
Gold-  25 sessions: $565
Diamond-  45 sessions + BONUS (value of $250) 1-hour private session [up to 10 people]: $1110

Rental Gears

You are welcome to bring your own gears.  If you need rental gears, we offer the following:
Eye protection: FREE
Airsoft gun: $12
Timer Plate: $12
Holster: $7

Consumable Items

0.2G BB (2000CT Bottle): $13.50
VFC V Gas: $19.50
BB loader: $9
All prices included 13% HST