All sessions base on 45 minutes of shooting time

Regular session:

$28 per person

Bring your own gear

Regular session includes gear:

$45 per person

Safety and handling course for first-time shooters, followed by 3-4 obstacle courses. Air rifle and 100 rounds of bb included

Extra rental gear:

$18 alongside regular session, includes:

  • Tokyo Marui Airsoft Handgun
  • 3 loaded magazine

* extra 2 loaded magazines @ $5

* extra 5 loaded magazines @ $10

Private Sessions 

$280 for up to 8 persons

For those who like to:

practice privately

play within own group of friends

arrange their own competition

Gift Cards

$100 gift cards

$200 gift cards

$400 gift cards

Consumable Items

0.28g BB (2000 round bottle): $13

0.25g BB (4000 round bag): $23

Green Gas: $18

All prices are subject to HST*